President: Rev. Tina Flowers
 Vice-President: Bro. William A. Watson, Jr
Chaplin: Deacon Carl Linton
Secretary: Sis. Ruth Royster
Asst. Secretary: Sis. Monee Turner

Mission: The Ministry is designed to (1) raise church and community awareness about cancer prevention and treatment options and to (2) provide information to members and families who have been diagnosed with cancer and survivors through proactive educational methods. Educational methods include holding seminars, workshops, and conferences, making announcements on the church website and CBCCS News and Updates Newsletter, and hosting virtual programs. In addition, the Cancer Ministry Care Group provides those who request the Group’s assistance compassion, encouragement, and comfort through listening to conversations, praying, and engaging in the Word of God.

Purpose: The Ministry purpose is to honor the memory of the late Pastor, beloved Rev. John H. Parker, who died from cancer on February 12, 2012. The primary goal is to educate, enlighten, and engage church and community on the basics about cancer guidelines for screening and prevention on the various kinds of cancers. The Ministry solicits medical professionals, testimonials, and a variety of speakers to speak on such topics as diet, nutrition, and exercise. Volunteers in the Ministry are not “medical professionals” nor affiliated with any medical entity.

Monthly Meeting Date: Bi-monthly on third Monday at 7:00 p.m. (meeting date will be announced in advance)

Major planned spiritual events for the spiritual growth and edification of the body of Christ at Central Baptist Church of Camp Springs, MD:

  1. Church “Cancer Awareness Day”
  2. Updated Information/Handouts and Available Resources/Organizations      
Did you know that one of the more common cancers that affect men is prostate cancer?  Prostate cancer is a disease that occurs when malignant (cancer) cells grow in the tissues of the prostate.  Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer that causes death in men after lung cancer.  It is a deadly disease that affects African-American men more than any other race. 
To date, there are 1.8 million men in the United States that are cancer survivors and the National Cancer Institute estimates that 2,617,682 men live with prostate cancer in the United States. 
Did you know that the most common type of breast cancer is Ductal Carcinoma which begins in the lining of the milk ducts (thin tubes that carry milk from the lobules of the breast to the nipples)?  Another type of breast cancer is Lobular Carcinoma which begins in the lobules (milk glands) of the breasts.  Also, inflammatory breast cancer is an uncommon type of cancer in which the breasts become red, swollen, and warm.  The most invasive type of breast cancer is that which has spread from the breast ducts or lobules to surrounding normal tissue. Importantly, breast cancer can occur in both women and men, although male breast cancer is rare.  Most people are also unaware that there is a correlation between prostate cancer cells and breast cancer cells. In 2013, there were 232,340 new cases of female breast cancer and 2,240 men were diagnosed with the disease in the United States. 
Learn More About National Cancer Prevention Month

For more information about the Reverend John H. Parker Cancer Awareness Ministry or about cancer, please contact one of the following people: 

Bro. William A. Watson Jr., Vice-President

(301) 204-2818
Deacon Carl Linton, Chaplin
(703) 209-9676
Sis. Ruth Royster, Secretary
(301) 580-1894

You can also contact Central Baptist Church of Camp Springs at (301) 899-3800 during office hours; website: or