Chairperson: Vacant 
Youth Minister: Minister Keith Sims


Message from the Youth Minister

Greetings my CBCCS family “ Hey” I am excited for what God is doing here at our church. Excited about working with our future, our Children (PROV 22:6). As we embark and embrace the will of God, The bible tells us repeatedly in His word how all children are a gift from God. Every single life, every child is a reward and blessing. Whether they’re bringing parents pride and joy, or they are teaching us how to be more patient and forgiving (WHEW).

Children are a gift from God and a source for the growth of his kingdom here on earth (3 JOHN 1:4).Continuously Teaching from the source The bible, learning about what took place during ancient times and how it is relevant today (ECCLES 1: 9-11) , again I am so “excited” for the great team that’s in place, they have been, and they are still doing a MARVELOUS job! Give them woo! Woo! Please! Thank ya!

We are looking forward to working with the parents also, without you the children cannot get to us, and get what God have for them. Let us take our (YOUNGSTARS) and guide them into becoming a Disciple for Christ. As the African proverb says “It takes a village to raise a child” my CBCCS we are that village!  C.O.G # CHILD OF GOD

Age Range:  2 to 18
Mission: The Youth Ministry is a part of the total ministry of the church. It is built upon a foundation of biblical faith and seeks to carry the message of salvation—God’s plan to save you from sin—in appropriate ways to all youth. The Youth Ministry attempts to point youth toward God and strives to help them become involved in the Great Commission.  The Great Commission requires each of us as Christians to make disciples or followers of Christ; to observe all that Jesus
commanded and to witness for Christ through the power of God’s Holy Spirit throughout the world.
Purpose: The Youth Ministry recognizes that the spiritual part of life cannot be separated from the other aspects of life. The physical, mental, social and emotional development of a person has a great deal to do with one’s spiritual development. Therefore, the Youth Ministry Program consists of the following:
Bible Study
Discussions on specific topics
Teen rap sessions
arts, and crafts
Bible Trivia/Draw Your Sword Competitions
Trips and tours
Roller/ice skating
Self-development activities
Lock-ins and retreats
Plays and skits
Potluck dinners, pizza night
Praise night
Basketball, volleyball and other activities

The Youth Ministry also conducts a weekly Summer-in-the-Parking Lot*.  Each year in June, a Youth Recognition Service is held to recognize the accomplishments of the youth in school, church and the community. The Youth Ministry also recognizes other persons who are not members of CBCCS but have actively participated in the Youth Ministry throughout the year. 
While the Youth Ministry is for all children and teens at Central Baptist Church of Camp Springs, their parents, other family members, 
friends, and neighbors are welcome to participate.                                     
Monthly Meeting Dates: Second and fourth Friday (September- June)
Meeting Time: 7:00- 9:00 p.m.
Annual Day: Second Sunday in June – Youth Recognition Day
*During the months of July and August, the Youth Ministry meets for Summer-in-the-Parking Lot from 6:00 p.m. until dusk.
Youth Ministry Basketball 
Contact Person: Bro. James Jones, Sr.


                       “As the spirit leads you…join us, you are welcome!”