Please use this directory to contact us. If we are not available, please leave us a message, and we will return your call as soon as possible. 

Pastor Lincoln M. Burruss, Jr.
301-899-3800 ext 112
Church Administrative Office
Phone 301-899-3800
Fax 301-899-3868
Church Administrator/CEO
Trustee Jocelyn Bennett-Martin
301-899-3800 ext 124 or 301-908-5871
Asst. Administrator/Pastor's Secretary
Sister Sabrina Andrews-Reddick
301-899-3800 ext 110
Board of Deacons
Deacon Preston Jones, Chairperson
301-899-3800 ext 116
Board of Trustees
Trustee Mildred Watkins-Holliday, Chairperson
301-899-3800 ext 118
First Lady Angela G. Burruss
(Web Content Manager)
301-899-3800 ext 114
Sunday School Superintendent
Sister Clara Patterson
301-899-3800 ext 117
Special Events Coordinator
Sister Jackie Simpson
301-899-3800 ext 213
Transportation Ministry
301-899-3800 ext 214
Deaconess Ministry
Deaconess Elaine Hendking, Chairperson
301-899-3800 ext 115
301-899-3800 ext 220
Church Accountant
Sister Loretta M. Wheeler
301-899-3800 ext 111
Financial Secretary
Sister Sandy Jameson
301-899-3800 ext 111
Music Ministry
Sister A. DeVoynne Young, Minister of Music
Outreach Ministry
Sister Cathrine Moore
Reverend Jacqueline Burke
Youth Ministry
Minister Vincent Keith Sims
Prayer Request