27 Oct'21
2021-10-27 12:00 PM

Virtual Bible Study (Cancelled)

Cancelled at noon and evening for Fall Revival. See you next week!

Please join us for Bible Study. You can access Bible Study via Zoom  or  Meeting ID: 846 0599 7451 Passcode: 5600 Call in: (301) 715-8592. 

Once you are in the main Zooom room, please find the Breakout Rooms icon--it will appear as  four little squares and will read Breakout Rooms. Click on the icon to open up the selection of rooms. Find the title of the course and click 'Join." 


Here are the classes:

Christianity, Cults and Religion

Many religious groups use the same terms but hold opposite beliefs.  We will compare the beliefs of Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Scientists, and Christians about the person and work of Jesus Christ—at a glance. We will explore:

  • Topics for Each Religion, Sect or Cult Group
  • Basic Historical Facts for Each Religion or Group
  • World Religions and Related Sects Compared in Christianity, Cults and Religions

The Life of Moses

You may know him as the great Lawgiver, the leader who parted the Red Sea, and the prophet who provided the Israelites with provision in the desert. But few realize Moses' insecurities...his hidden fears and anxieties. Get to know the real Moses: the 80-year-old man who hated the limelight, feared public speaking, and doubted God's call at first. We will understand Moses' family drama; track his Exodus journey; and uncover his personal struggles. Through this class, you will learn Moses' full story and its symbolic meaning without having to rummage through several heavy reference books and confusing commentaries. Moses gave us more than the Ten Commandments; he gave us an example to learn from. Find out how you can gain the confidence to follow God's will just as Moses did, and discover how God transforms our weaknesses and failures into strengths.

The Book of Acts

This class is not simply ancient history. It is our story, the story that informs who Christians are. It's the story of the early church, early missionary work, and the initial move of the Holy Spirit. It covers the lives of Peter, Paul, Barnabas, Silas and the other Christians who took the Gospel far beyond Jerusalem. This class shows that God is active. He was active in the book of Acts, and He is active in our lives today. Join us as we navigate deeper into the Acts of the apostles.