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CBCCS Helps the Community Fight Food Insecurity

Each week, CBCCS is on the frontline helping members of the community fight food insecurity. Each Tuesday from 10:00 a.m.-Noon (unless otherwise notified), leadership and members of the church work dilligently to disperse food to families who are living with food insecurity. Members of the community can also visit the prayer tent as they exit the food distribution line. Prayer changes things! 

What is Food Insecurity?
By  December 4, 2018

Food insecurity refers to the uncertain availability of food and beverages. In fact, in some parts of Africa and Asia, women and children walk an average of nearly four miles for drinking water that isn’t always even safe to drink. And in the United States alone, one in six children goes hungry.

We don’t think of healthy, nutritious food as a privilege, but millions of people do. They don’t have the money to buy food, they don’t have easy access to it, or they live in a part of the world where food sources prove contaminated.

It’s not just about hunger, either. Malnutrition can cause debilitating symptoms among those affected, from the inability to get warm and difficulty breathing to delayed wound healing and the loss of skin and hair health.

Complete starvation results in death within 8 to 12 weeks.

Every year, starvation claims 9 million lives. While 98 percent of people who suffer from food insecurity live in developing nations, a startling number of people in the developed world go to bed hungry every night.

1 in 8 Americans Is Affected by Food Insecurity